Do you have a product or service that is geared towards the online marketing community?

Something that helps business owners grow their reach through the web?

We welcome you to consider sponsoring the Thought Seat and get your product in front of our weekly live broadcast and podcast!

There are 2 ways that we work with brands in a partnership or sponsorship capacity:  On air and off air exposure.


On-Air Exposure

We value our audience immensely and therefore will not mislead them by promoting products that we do not stand behind. On Air exposure sponsorships are only accepted for products that we use, or that we have tried and tested with success.  If it’s not something we would recommend to our own clients or colleagues, then we do not promote it on the live show.

If you have a new product that you’d like for us to consider for on-air exposure on the show, please contact us in advance to arrange to send us 3 copies of your product (one for each host) so that we can use and test it in advance of the sponsored show.

Once we’ve determined that a product meets the standards for it to be discussed and/or recommended on the show, we will work with you to create a promotional package that is beneficial for both brands.  Promotions may include giveaways during the show, shout outs, brief walk throughs or discussion of how a product/service could be used, etc.


Off-Air Exposure

If your product isn’t one that qualifies for on-air exposure, we may still accept it for paid placement on our website or in other promotional placements.   Please contact us to discuss and we can work out a package that is mutually beneficial.


If you feel your product meets any of the above criteria, please contact us at the form below to get the process started!


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